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Huub Aegis III 3:3 Women's Full Wetsuit

The Aegis family of suits is renowned for exceeding expectations, delivering so much more than the price would suggest. The third version of this suit features HUUB's exclusive 3:3 buoyancy for women and their unique X-0 Skeleton for superior body alignment and stroke efficiency. You will also benefit from Rotational Freedom for ease of stroke and then your speed doesn't stop when out of the water with a Breakaway Zipper for a fast transition.

The Huub Aegis III 3:3 Women's Full Wetsuit is designed to offer improved buoyancy for triathletes wanting to enhance their race day swim with a wetsuit that's made to stand up to the task. Equipped with Huub's 3:3 buoyancy design which offers more lift in the legs and hips than the arms and shoulders. This buoyancy ratio will help to maintain your body's posture in the water, therefore reduces fatigue as your core will be relieved from a lot of work as it attempts to keep your hips high in the water. The neoprene, at 3mm, is thin enough to provide Huub's renowned flexibility whilst still giving you a great level of buoyancy. This, combined with a high stretch lining, helps to keep your stroke as natural as possible in the water. The Aegis III is equipped with HUUB's exclusive X-0 Skeleton which does a similar job to our skeleton within the body: it keeps everything in the right place. The X-0 Skeleton gives the suit a durable structure, to reduce energy wastage as your hips and pelvis will move less and thus making you faster and reducing fatigue.

The Aegis III is the suit for the triathlete wanting a sleeveless 'no suit' feel, in a full-bodied wetsuit. Huub calls it 'Rotational Freedom'. Perfect for those seeking maximum comfort, efficient stroke technology and wanting to push past the boundaries of neoprene and discover the benefits of never before used composite material. Designed with a unique low neckline which is one of the most comfortable in the industry. Huub's wetsuits do not fold, stitch or tourniquet the rubber, creating an effective design that doesn't hinder your breathing. As well as an ultra-comfortable neckline, the speed cut ankles and the break-away zipper makes this wetsuit not only highly comfortable but super easy to take off in transition.

If you have sharp nails, wearing gloves is recommended to prevent them from snagging on the material and potentially causing damage to it. Specially designed to keep you comfortable, protected and enhanced in open water, the construction and feel of the wetsuit will mean that no outdoor water is a barrier. HUUB recommends that if you are on the border of two different sizes, going a size up rather than down would result in a better fit. It is vitally important to get a close fitting wetsuit. Once you have an optimally fitted wetsuit on it feels like a second skin which is what makes it so effective when you are in the water. But with a garment that fits so tightly, the challenge is in how to get it on without damaging the suit or chafing or trapping your skin. Adjusting the suit to fit your body comfortably so that it doesn't cause discomfort whilst you are swimming also needs a little practice.

About Huub

Huub has four decades worth of experience gained in the field of endurance sports. Focusing wholly on the athlete and maximising performance and comfort, Huub explore both the odd and the conventional as they strive to create the best product available. Huub believes in fashion, form, fit and performance. In a combination of science and reality, Huub are always looking to produce better products than their direct competitors.

The Huub team understand the specialist technical and scientific fields associated with triathlon, including hydrodynamics and swim stroke analysis. From smart scientist Huub Toussaint, clever swim smooth guys Adam Young and Paul Newsome to pragmatist Dean Jackson, they are focused on bringing cutting edge innovation to the products, whilst retaining a sense of reality and accessibility.


                                                                        Further Info

  • 3:3 Buoyancy - Helps to maintain your body's posture in the water, therefore reduces fatigue.
  • HUUB Exclusive X-0 Skeleton - For superior body alignment and stoke efficiency.
  • Rotational Freedom - Offers incredible freedom of movement.
  • Select Neoprene Panels and Linings - To optimise material modulus.
  • Breakaway Zipper - Delivering the fastest transition.
  • Low Neck - Prevents chafing and does not adversely effect your breathing.
  • Advice & Fitting - call us on 01244 313777 or contact us if you would like any advice or would like to book a wetsuit fitting.
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