Scott Supertrac RC

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The Supertrac RC is the go to shoe for the experienced runners who are looking to take on high alpine ground safely and at faster speed. Designed for technical running and skyrunning the Radial Traction outsole rewards you with the best 360° traction for this environment.


Radial Traction Outsole
Advanced Traction Rubber
No Sew Construction
Race Specific Tongue
eRide Midsole


With a bite face for traction and an outer face thatescapes muds the lugs are able to rotate through thesurface while offering unparalled traction in a 360 degree sphere resulting in a technical running shoe thatprovides a solid foot hold as you twist and turn along themost technical of single track and mountain ridges.


The unique rocker shape creates a stable mid-stance, promoting the faster and more efficient running style that runners strive for. Regardless of running gait eRide works with the body to promote a more dynamic running position reducing heel strike impacts and increased running efficiency.

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