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Scott ARX Plus Helmet
Unit price : £74.99
The Scott Arx Plus Helmet - safety, comfort and style
Kryptonite Street & Avenue Light Set
Unit price : £29.99
THE NEW STREET LIGHT SERIES Highest Lumen and feature combination... AT THE RIGHT PRICE!
Profile Design T5+ Aerobars
Profile Design T5+ Aerobars
Scott Road Tri Pro
Built for elite triathletes who want to dominate the bike split, the SCOTT Tri Pro shoe will get you through the bike leg with maximum speed and deliver a rapid transition.
Shimano TR5 Cycle Shoe
The Shimano TR5 Triathlon shoes are a high-performance shoe for speedy transitions and optimum power.
Ultralight / Watertight Med Kit 5 is perfect for one-to-two-day solo trips when an ultralight kit with enough supplies to treat common injuries is needed.
Profile Design FC35 Drinks System
Bringing together the most compelling details into one all-inclusive hydration system.
Infini Mini Luxo Light Set
The Mini-Luxo is a classy way to keep yourself seen in low light conditions.
Polar V650
The Polar V650 is a GPS bike computer made for serious cyclists. Get the detailed data and guidance you need to make the most of your training. 
From cleaning wounds and dressing blisters to treating muscle aches, pains, and symptoms of an allergic reactions, the Ultralight / Watertight .3 packs a lot of first aid in a little space.
Profile Design V2+ AL Aerobars
Get low with the new V+ Series low stack bracket.
Syncro CO2 Nozzle
The CO2 Nozzle can inflate to pressure a tire in no time flat. Select the required valve between Presta and Schrader, screw-in the Cartridge and that's it ! You can go back faster on track and spend more time riding.
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